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How To Choose The Correct Colour

If there's one issue to cause more heartache than any other, it's how to choose the correct colour.

First the good news - We match most colour standards, we also match to wet samples (simply post it to us) or even dry swatches.  We do not and never will restrict on colour selection.

Now the health warning! Please be careful if you are choosing your colour from the comfort of your armchair.

A simple google image search of your favourite colour will likely bring up a variety of shades, all claiming to be "the one".  Some will be closer than others but the chances are none will be perfect.  The appearance will be affected by your monitor settings, brightness, contrast and even the sun shining through the window.  If you are searching on a mobile device it is even less likely to match well.

We strongly recommend obtaining an "actual" sample; this is the best way to ensure a good match.

We carry a small selection of our favourites at the office and will happy post these out, but we cannot keep "all the colours".

The pallet below is a small selection, please use with caution.

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