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A garden building is best described by the use it is put to.  We don't just make summerhouses, garden offices, pool houses or gazebos; we make all of them, beautifully.



A garden building is usually defined by the purpose it is put to, so whether you call it a Summerhouse, a Garden Room or Gym, a Cabin, a Pool Room or anything else that comes to mind, it's all fine by us.  We provide you with "space", and we like to think we do it beautifully! the use it is put to is up to you.

We produce a wide range of shapes and designed, it has taken us over 20 years to get here, and we hope you will enjoy browsing through them via the drop down menus above.

From the simple square of the Bothy to the octagonal Lavenham and the angular Chelstow we think there is a shape here for every eventuality, however it is impossible to make "all the sizes"; that would be quite some product range! So if you love a design, a shape, or a style, but the footprint size isn't quite what you need then do not despair, our system is well capable of accommodating such situations.



Gazebos are typically used as places to escape, positioned in a quiet corner of the garden, or as central focus points around which a garden can be created.

Our range of gazebos covers four, five, six and eight sided structures, and irregular shapes too, and we hope you'll enjoy browsing the selection via the drop down menu above.

Our versatility allows us to tailor each design to suit its surroundings, so if you require privacy in the form of solid walls, or trellis through which the vines can wind, you can create something perfect.

Sometimes used as Wedding venues or other specialist venues, if you have something you would like to discuss we would be delighted to hear from you.

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