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A garden building is usually defined by the purpose it is put to, so whether you call it a Garden Office, a Garden Room, a Gym, a Cabin, a Pool Room, a office pod, or anything else that comes to mind, it's all fine by us.  We provide you with a "space", and we like to think we do it beautifully! The use it is put to is up to you.

We produce a wide range of shapes and designs.  We think there is a shape here for every eventuality, however it is impossible to make "all the sizes"; that would be quite some product range! So if you love a design, a shape, or a style, but the footprint size isn't quite what you need then do not despair, our system is capable of accommodating such situations.


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HSP Garden Rooms

  • Great products, great quality - Excellent choice of garden rooms using high quality materials
  • Reliable service - On time delivery
  • The personal touch - Real people providing real solutions
  • Easy to deal with - We make it easy for you to match the garden room of your dreams to fit in with you daily life
  • Expertise at hand - Specialist support before, during and after your garden room is built. 

HSP Garden Rooms

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