The Hardwood Floor

Plywood floor as standard
All of our buildings come complete with a plywood floor as standard.  Throw a rug over it and it's good to go!

But if your preference is for something a little more traditional we have two solid hardwood floor options available.

There is something special about a solid hardwood floor and we have specially chosen two which, we believe, compliment our summerhouses perfectly.

Oak hardwood floor
The Oak hardwood floor is a beautiful, natural floor offering a timeless elegance and longevity.  Simple to clean and less prone to allergen retention than carpets the floor can even, in years to come, be re-finished by sanding, oiling or polishing to bring it back to life and to look as good as new.

Bamboo hardwood floor
The Bamboo hardwood floor is a hard wearing, elegant floor, especially well suited to high use areas and in settings where moisture might be present (around a swimming pool for example).  Bamboo floors are also environmentally friendly.

Below you will find photos of examples of the oak and bamboo floors.

The Hardwood Floor
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