Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install my structure?

    All our larger structures are all installed by our own trained fitters (not subcontractors).

  • How does the roof arrive on Gazebos and Summerhouses?

    The roof never arrives in one piece.  We produce parts at our factory which are designed to be transportable, we then assemble these in-situ.

  • Do I need a base?

    For Gazebos it is preferable that the finished floor covering is in place prior to installation as retrospective fitting is unlikely to provide a satisfactory finish.  Please contact our office for recommended dimensions.

    For Summerhouses normally some form of hard-standing will be required.  Individual requirements (dimensions) are available on request however we do require a level surface in all cases.  See our "pad foundation" system for alternative options where hardstanding is not possible.

  • What if I require light and or power to my building?

    Consult a local electrician, who will advise on getting power to the base.  We provide an optional electrical package with each of our buildings which includes provision for sockets and lighting.  We will run cables through the structure of the building, minimising exposed cables, and bring them to a point ready for inspection and connection by your electrician.  For information about lighting and socket locations within each structure please contact us for plans.

  • How long will delivery take?

    We produce everything "to order" and we will always provide an estimated delivery week which we will then reconfirm closer to time, however since all our products are made individually to order this estimate may be subject to slight change.

  • How long will the paint last?

    This does depend on circumstances however the manufacturer does suggest a life span of up to five years after which the product should be repainted.  The advantage of using a water based stain against a solvent based product is that the item can be repainted at any time without the need for time consuming paint striping and sanding.

  • How do I obtain more information about colours?

    Our colour matching service covers all major brands and colour standards (RAL, British Standard etc..).

  • Why use lead?

    Lead is the heaviest of the base metals and the densest and most durable of those used in building.  It can be laid to any pitch, unique in that it can be repaired in situ and in time, re cast to produce "new lead", In fact 90% of all lead used in construction today is recycled from old.  Lead also improves with age, slowly developing a strongly adhering and insoluble patina providing a formidable resistance to the elements.

    Apart from these technical reasons we believe lead also produces a finished appearance quite simply unrivalled by other common modern products such as bitumen tiles and softwood boarding.  For these reasons the sheet lead roof has become something of an HSP Garden Buildings trademark; and a sign of quality.

  • Does my product require special protection in the winter?

    All our products are designed to withstand even the most severe of winter weather.

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