The origins..

It was the summer of 1992, if I recall correctly, and a customer had requested our little joinery shop make a summerhouse for his mother.

We’d never “actually” made one before; but the building industry was struggling at the time and we needed the work, so I (and a couple of friends) decided to give it a go. I had not long turned 21.

A few weeks later with parts all prepared, on a lovely warm day we headed off to London in our rickety “Sherpa” truck; I remember confidently predicting “we’d be back by 4pm”, A line I am still reminded of to this day!

Roughly 16 hours later we arrived home, weary, to Suffolk; long after dark of course, but we had done it, we had built our first summerhouse.

On the road home we chatted about what we had achieved, I opined that we had made a nice thing, but it wasn’t “quite nice” enough for me. I thought we could do better; little did I realise, I’d been bitten by the bug.

What followed were years of research, experiments, triumphs and failures, trips to the Victoria & Albert museum, trade shows with line drawings to demonstrate what we were trying to make, retail shows in the pouring rain, and step forward ten (at times wonderful, at times painful) years to the formation of HSP Garden Buildings.

Twenty years beyond that brings us to where we are today, older, hopefully wiser, but with the mantra now, as it was then “to make beautiful garden buildings”.