Base Requirement

Base Options

General Information

All our summerhouses form their own water drip, so they can be positioned on any hard-standing area so long as it is large enough, for details of minimum base dimensions please refer to individual product pages.

Pad Foundation System

We would normally require a solid and level base on which to erect a structure, and traditionally this would have been concrete; however more common now is to use our pad foundation system. It has many advantages over tradition base designs.

  • No wet mix products such as concrete are required.
  • The base becomes portable, take it with you should you move.
  • Increased air flow beneath the building improves longevity.
  • Easier access to difficult areas.
  • Removes the need to coordinate third party contractors.
  • Can be constructed to any shape, ensuring that the correct dimensions are achieved.

Our pad foundation system in constructed by cutting small holes (about 500mm x 500mm) into the ground at specific load bearing points. The adjustable pads are then dropped in, on top of which we construct a sub-frame designed specifically to support the structure.